Some Bronx residents voiced their concerns Thursday night about how rezoning along Jerome Avenue could impact their neighborhood.

The proposal calls for new affordable housing along the two-mile stretch between East 165th and 184th streets.

It's part of the mayor's citywide affordable housing initiative.

Some fear new housing would wipe out local businesses and force out long-time residents.

"Don't push them out to other neighborhoods so you can bring in other people to enjoy the benefits of the taxpayers who live here now. It is their money, the redevelopment must be planned around their needs, and not the needs of the people who can come in to make your political career look good," said one meeting attendee.

"People are losing their homes, and they're being pushed out of the neighborhood. I don't know where they're going, there's no place to go. The South Bronx is the last place for low and moderate income people to come and live," said another meeting attendee.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Junior has not announced his position on the possible rezoning.

Thursday's public hearing was the only one scheduled before a decision is made on the proposal.