I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! And there was plenty to go around Saturday at the Scooper Bowl in Bryant Park. NY1's Erin Clarke has the sweet details.

Whether in a cone or in a cup, or whether it's a traditional flavor or a creative concoction, ice cream is the perfect warm weather treat.

And at Scooper Bowl New York in Bryant Park on Saturday, there was plenty of it to go around.

For $25, folks could eat all the ice cream they could stomach from noon to nine.

"I love ice cream! I love ice cream! I love ice cream!" a little girl said at the event.

"There are over 50 flavors from 14 different ice cream stores, and two topping offerings," said Brooke Biederman, the founder and co-chair of Scooper Bowl New York.

"I'm going to go to every single tent," one Scooper Bowl attendee said in the park. "So as long as it takes me to get around, that's how long I'll be here."

"I like it so much that I want to stay here forever," one little girl said.

Scooper Bowl began in Boston 35 years ago as a charity to raise funds for cancer research. This is the first time it's being held in New York.

For chief ice cream officer of Vice Cream, Dan Schorr, the event was personal.

"Two months into starting the company, I was diagnosed with lymphoma and they gave me 12 weeks to live," Schorr said.

"I beat it and I'm fine, but more than ever I know you can be healthy, you can be old, young it doesn't matter; life's short, so just eat freaking ice cream," he continued.

Schorr plans to spread the sweetness with cards of encouragement that folks at Scooper Bowl can fill out.

Later this month, they'll be delivered to patients at Dana-Farber Hospital in BostonĀ and Memorial Sloan Kettering in the city.

"If I can have ice cream and support cancer research: wonderful," one woman said.

Scooper Bowl New York ended Saturday, but the annual event in Boston kicks off Tuesday.