Just days after the Department of Health announced a Legionnaires' outbreak in the South Bronx, the city's Office of Emergency Management is rolling out its mobile office to the borough. NY1's Erin Clarke filed the following report.

Legionnaires' Diesease is a major cause of concern for parents like Angela Chase.

"I'm actually very concerned, being that I have young kids. I have a son as well," she said.

Even though the weather has been steamy, she's staying away from certain summer favorites, just to be safe.

"Staying away from the mist is what I'm hearing," Chase said. "The outdoor activities, you keep it limited, because, I mean, it's airborne. You just don't know."

She says it's an excellent idea that the city's Office of Emergency Management is out in Hunts Point. In addition to giving tips about what to do in a hurricane or other major event, workers were handing out information sheets about Legionnaires'.

"We're supporting the Health Department in their efforts," said Katelyn James, outreach coordinator with OEM Ready NY.

But admittedly, OEM wasn't there because of Legionnaires' Disease. The agency had planned to bring its mobile office to the borough before the outbreak as part of an effort to increase awareness about what it does.

While folks NY1 spoke to here said the information learned from OEM is valuable, they added that other city agencies, like the Department of Health, should be out in neighborhoods spreading information about Legionnaires' Diesease.

"It's unfortunate that we don't really have, really, enough information on this," said one resident.

A town hall meeting Monday at the Bronx Museum was filled to capacity, and some couldn't get in. People took to social media saying that residents were left with more questions and that the city needs to do more.

"We have had more deaths in the past couple of days. So I think they need to do a little bit more so we can eliminate the deaths altogether and just treat the people who are infected," said Monique Minnis, a Hunts Point resident.

"That was one meeting. Some, I think it should be an outreach," said another resident.

Amid last year's Ebola scare, the city held several meetings across the city, but the Bronx town hall was the only large event scheduled on Legionnaires'.

OEM plans to bring its mobile office to each borough throughout August.