Billy Lyons with Zagat checks out milk and cookies for the millenial generation at Schmackary’s. He filed the following report for NY1.

Schmackary’s, a craft cookie shop with locations in Hell’s Kitchen and now Williamsburg, shines the spotlight on Santa’s favorite treat thanks to owner Zachary Schmahl’s belief in the often overlooked sweet.

"Cookies I always feel like they're the forgotten child of the bakeries. Everybody likes cookies but nobody really pays too much attention to them. When I saw so many people doing innovative, fun things to brownies and to cupcakes I was like why is nobody doing that with cookies. When I started baking cookies, the flavors just started coming out, and the crazier they got the more it challenged me," says Schmahl.

The menu reaches beyond the realm of chocolate chip with winter flavors like caramel delight and eggnog, with Schmahl constantly searching for ways to incorporate under the radar ingredients.

"Over the course of the year, we have over 60 flavors on our menu that we rotate through and everyday we do 12. So, there's only four cookies that stay the same each and every day throughout the 365 days of the year and otherwise, everything is different every single time you come in," says Schmahl.

The shop also has fun when it comes to naming its newfound cookie creations, as the kitchen isn’t the only place you’ll find a few traces of spice.

"This is our Ginger Rogers, with white chocolate, cinnamon chips, and lots of spice. Ginger Rogers was always very sassy. The way that she danced and everything, she was always kind of teasing a little bit, and this cookie like I said takes you on a little bit of a journey. Each bite is a little bit different, but it definitely has that spice with that smoothness," says Schmahl.

It's got that ginger bite to it for sure. I feel sassier eating this cookie. This one to me, this one may be my favorite one. Just the flavors, it's just a beautiful cookie overall, the way they glaze it and dress it up. You can just smell the fresh peppermint coming off this, it's amazing. I would eat this one last so your breath smells fresh. This is very similar to like a wine tasting, you have your cookie, you have your milk.