I’m one of those people who loves yard work. For me, yard work is relaxing, peaceful and therapeutic. 

What You Need To Know

  • Fall yard work season and cleanup is in full swing for many of us

  • It’s important to rake or mulch all your leaves every fall

  • Don’t forget to clean out your rain gutters and fertilize your lawn

Anytime I can be outside and in my yard, it’s a good day. I spend countless hours each year in my yard either mowing, gardening, or landscaping. 

By choice and through a lot of hard work and labor, my yard has a tremendous amount of landscaping that wraps all around the house and property. My last hurrah in my yard each year is fall yard work and cleanup. 

My fall yard work entails raking or mulching leaves, cutting back all my perennial plants and shrubs, and removing my annuals. 

My neighborhood has tons of trees, so raking and leaf cleanup seems like a never-ending job. Leaf cleanup in my neighborhood can go well into November. 

I always say that I’m just constantly keeping up with all of the falling leaves. I’ll rake or mulch all the leaves with the lawnmower one minute, and the next minute my yard is completely covered again. 

It’s important to do leaf cleanup every fall because if leaves are left unattended, they can suffocate the grass during the long winter. It’s also important to feed your lawn with fertilizer in the fall so you have a green, lush grass come spring. 

Once you’re done with leaf cleanup, it’s important to give your lawn one last mow before winter. It’s advised to set your lawnmower to a low setting as this helps the soil dry out more quickly in the spring, which will lead to a lusher lawn.

I cut back my many patriot hostas, day lilies, and decorative grass close to the ground each October. I also prune, trim, and shape all of my shrubs and trees to look neat through the long winter. 

One of my least favorite things to do is remove all the hanging baskets and annual flowers I planted in pots back in the spring. This is because many times, even well into October, they’re still blooming and so pretty. 

Not all fall cleanup is confined to just the yard. This is the perfect time to clear leaves and debris from rain gutters. Make sure to check for proper drainage, clear out any blockages, and rinse with a hose.

While fall yard work is a lot of work and exhausting, it’s still a chance for me to be outside doing something I truly enjoy. It’s something I really miss during our long, cold, snowy winters. 

Soak up every bit of fall while you can – winter is just around the corner. In fact, winter officially arrives on December 21.