Strong storms hit New York City on Monday afternoon, featuring heavy rain, thunder, and lightning.

The city issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning this afternoon across the five boroughs, although the rain was expected to help clear up the air quality, which was at an unhealthy high of 101 Monday. Tuesday, the air quality level is expected to go down to a healthier level of 45.

The heat Monday helped fuel a round of strong, loud storms in the afternoon. The storms cooled the city 25 degrees (95 to 70 degrees) in just two hours.

Tracking Storms

Heavy storms are projected to continue Tuesday and Wednesday, mainly in the afternoon. The storms could have heavy rain and frequent lightning. And although Thursday may be drier, it will also be hot at 90 degrees.

Tropical Trouble

Weather models are showing the potential for a tropical storm (it would be named Fay) to impact our region at the start of the weekend. The risk so far is small. The impacts would be heavy rains and rough seas.