New Yorkers are feeling the cold and wind Thursday evening after temperatures dropped more than 10 degrees and produced wind chills in the teens — a taste of what is to come on Thanksgiving.

The temperatures on Thanksgiving are projected to be the coldest since 1901, when the high was 26 degrees.


As of this writing, the projected high for Thanksgiving Day 2018 is 27 degrees. The low will be about 19.

Wind chills are projected to be between 6 and 12 degrees between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Thursday and will not improve much later on in the day.

The coldest New York City Thanksgiving on record? A high of 22 degrees on Turkey Day 1872.

The last time New York City saw a Thanksgiving below the freezing mark was 1996.

The frigid air that is hitting the five boroughs actually originated in Siberia. It came to New York City on a jet stream pattern that went from Siberia, over the North Pole, and down into our area.

Temperatures were originally in the 40s earlier Wednesday, with wind chills in the 30s. The arctic air brought New Yorkers a brief coating of snow as well.

The high Friday will be slightly better than Turkey Day — 31 degrees, with a low of 28.

The temperatures will then climb into the high 40s and low 50s this weekend — although at the cost of rain showers.


Call 311 or log on to if you have heating complaints. According to the city,

landlords are required to maintain the heat inside at 68 degrees Fahrenheit or above when the temperature is 55 degrees or below outside between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., landlords are required to maintain the heat inside at least 62 degrees Fahrenheit or above, regardless of the temperature outside.

The city has implemented a "Cold Blue" effect that kicked in Wednesday morning. That means outreach teams are scouring the streets to make sure people find shelter.

The city is asking New Yorkers to call 311 if they see anyone staying in the street.

During a "Code Blue," the city's shelter system cannot deny anyone brought in by an outreach team, and will accommodate walk-ins.


It depends on where you are going, of course. Projected Thanksgiving high temperatures are 39 degrees in Chicago and 35 in Washington D.C., but expect 22-degree temperatures if you decide to head to Boston. Highs in Los Angeles and Atlanta will be in the 60s.


The current forecast doesn't project the wind to be strong enough to ground the balloons, but gusts over 30 mph are possible and the balloons will fly lower than usual.

The iconic characters that soar between Manhattan skyscrapers will be grounded if sustained winds exceed 23 mph and gusts exceed 34 mph, based on city rules implemented after wind blew a "Cat in the Hat'' balloon into a lamp post near Central Park in 1997, critically injuring a woman.


The temperatures on Thanksgiving will be around 25 degrees below normal.

The temperatures will be more like what New Yorkers see in January.

The high on Thanksgiving Day 2017 was 43 degrees.

Temperatures in New York City have been below average for 12 days in November.