Spectrum News' Valarie D'Elia highlights a tasteful and tasty visit to New York State in this Travel With Val report.

Taking a dated 18th century era inn and turning into a magnet for city residents looking for a quick country getaway has resulted in the birth of Hasbrouck House, a 20-room boutique hotel two hours north of New York City.

Actually three houses on a spread of 50 acres in the hamlet of Stone Ridge, the four-season getaway has a built-in outdoor pool, with a full-on wellness center in the works.

As a guest, I recently met a New Yorker celebrating a big birthday, practically taking over the place with a dinner in Butterfield, the Inn’s farm-to-fork restaurant.

"We were really drawn to the space by the classic styling and the timeless elegance of the hotel. We think they did a beautiful job with their renovation," said Justin Cooke, a New York City resident.

The meticulous renovation, expertly crafted by a Brooklyn-based partnership Gowanus Hospitality and Greenstone Developers, features luxurious touches such as plush top mattresses, gas fireplaces and marble bathrooms.

Therefore, it's no surprise that a getaway built for New Yorkers by New Yorkers would not only have impeccable taste in decor, but in their cable channel selections.

Package prices for two-night winter stays excluding holidays start at $480 per couple through the end of April.