A new company is legitimizing the cheeky concept of renting a hotel room out during the day.

For ages, the idea of checking into a hotel for a short stay usually meant just one thing.

"It’s called a no-tell motel, that would be my connotation," one person says.

However, that clichéd implication is changing thanks to a creative entrepreneur with a business called HotelsByDay.

"We’ve turned the concept of a hotel, from something that's rigid, night stay only for a certain rate to something that is flexible, on demand and which you can book anytime, anywhere for any period of the day,” says Yannis Moati of HotelsByDay. “Either morning, afternoon or mid-day stay."

HotelsByDay currently has more than 300 properties signed on, listing their excess inventory on Moati’s website, with 46 in New York City.

"One of the things we wanted to do at the Paul was open up to new market, also people that are coming in for daycations, that need a place to rest, in between their flights or maybe they're spending their day shopping or have some activities, even a concert at Madison Square Garden,” says Rebecca Borrero, Marketing & Sales Manager at The Paul Hotel.

HotelsByDay optimizes hotel inventory when it’s not being used — between 10 a.m., early check out, and 6 p.m. late check-in.

"So if the hotel wants to provide a four or eight hour stay, they can, but it’s in a block of time within a framework of what we provide,” Moati  explains. “Because if you break it down on an hourly basis, then you are back to the type of consumer you are not necessarily looking for."

Generally, day guests can rent rooms for about half the price of a nightly rate. Moati has crafted his business model in such a clever way, the hit ABC show Shark Tank recently contacted him about auditioning.

You can check out HotelsbyDay with a special 10 percent discount booked online by the end of April with the code DEliasdeal.