The MTA's proposed budget lays clear the massive service cuts and layoffs that could be in store for next year if the federal government fails to come through with $12 billion in aid.

The agency has been warning for months that without a bailout it would be forced to cut transit service between 40% and 50%.

It would also slash weekend subway service, reduce or eliminate bus routes, end weekly and monthly unlimited ride MetroCards and layoff more than 9,000 workers.

MTA Chairman Pat Foye told NY1 that keeping mass transit running is critical not just for New York, but for the whole country.

"New York plays such an important part in the national economy. Nearly 10% of gross domestic product comes from this region. And it's in the national interest — this is a national crisis, it requires a national solution — and it's in the national interest, the federal government's interest to fund the MTA,” said Foye.

The MTA is likely to find sympathy from a Biden administration in the White House, but support would be less likely from a Republican-majority Senate.

Without federal support, cuts would take effect in May of next year, according to the MTA.