NEW YORK - A new study from Riders Alliance paints a dire future for the five boroughs if the MTA's “doomsday” cuts are enacted.

The study finds wait times for a subway ride will go up by more than 15 minutes, and by 30 minutes for a bus ride. 

The cuts will hit health care workers hardest since their average commute is already the longest in the city. 

Riders Alliance also says the cuts will disproportionately affect Black and Brown communities.

"With so many white-collar workers and people who can work from home, we're starting to see that it's mostly people who work in low-wage jobs or hourly jobs, people who are working in construction, and just overall, a lot of the Latino community who is working in these kinds of jobs, are being impacted," said Stephanie Burgos-Veras, organizing manager with Riders Alliance. "We believe that before the MTA starts to cut service, they should look internally to reduce bureaucratic costs."

The MTA has previously announced service may be slashed by up to 40%. 

They have called on the federal government to provide $12 billion in relief after the pandemic stripped the agency of much of its revenue.