NEW YORK - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says people are now required to wear a face covering throughout the transit system.

As subways and buses have welcomed back more riders, signs have gone up asking people to mask up.

Meanwhile, agency workers and volunteers are out at stations handing out masks to those that don't have one. Those who do not comply risk getting escorted off the train or bus. MTA Chairman and CEO Pat Foye made the announcement exclusively on NY1 Monday morning.

"We got Bridge and Tunnel officers carrying masks. We don't want to escort anybody off the system. We will give our customer a mask but it is state law that you wear a mask and it is an issue of respect for your fellow commuters and MTA employees," Foye said.

Foye says the agency was given four million masks from the state and the city to hand out. He says compliance is at 90 percent but that the agency wants to drive it even higher.