Some bomb-sniffing dog teams could disappear from busy transit hubs in the city.

Senator Charles Schumer says President Donald Trump's new budget would eliminate funding for the canines across the country.

These dogs are not the ones with TSA agents, but rather VIPR dogs, which stands for "visible intermodal prevention and response." They can sniff out explosive materials. 

There are 31 teams across the country.

Schumer says there's no need for cutting the program because it's not too expensive. 

"If the White House had its way, the K-9 teams that protect all of our transit hubs would be no more," Schumer said. "Right now, the White House is putting forth a dangerous proposal to totally eliminate these VIPR K-9 teams. And any securty expert will tell you that they're needed and they're unique, and obviously, they're mobile."

Schumer stressed that the city and state are not being specifically targeted by these proposed budget cuts, but that they happen to have the most VIPR teams.