The Department of Transportation says overall traffic deaths were down in 2018, but the numbers show a slight increase in the number of pedestrians and motorcyclists killed on city streets. 

The DOT says 200 people were killed in traffic-related accidents in 2018, 22 fewer deaths than the previous year.

Bicyclist deaths were also down by 14. 

Despite the positive news, the number of pedestrians killed on the road increased slightly. One hundred and fourteen pedestrians were killed last year, seven more than the previous year. 

Motorcyclist deaths were also up.  

City officials and transportation advocates credit the mayor's Vision Zero plan, implmented in 2014, which aims to bring the number of traffic deaths to zero in 10 years.

Speed limits dropped to 25 miles per hour on most streets, and hundreds of dangerous intersections were reconstructed.

Critics of the plan say it creates more traffic on city streets.