A new survey shows that three in four women in the city have experienced some form of harassment while using public transportation, and that almost half prefer using app-based ride-hailing services late at night.

NYU's Rudin Center for Transportation says 75 percent of the women surveyed reported experiencing verbal abuse or unwanted touching on public transportation.

Forty-two percent of those surveyed said they feel safest late at night using for-hire vehicles likes Uber or Lyft, while 16 percent said they feel safest in taxis.

The report says taking motor vehicles amount, on average, to a so-called "Pink Tax" of $26 to $50 in extra monthly travel expenses for female riders.

"Women are taking Ubers and Lyfts because they find that to be the safest mode late at night, or they perceive it to be the safest mode late at night. But those costs add up and that's the 'Pink Tax,'" 

For the year, major felonies in the transit system are up less than 1 percent, according to the NYPD. But the survey also found that close to 90 percent of those who say they experienced harassment did not report it.