Normal subway service for the A line resumed Monday after two months of repairs.

The work was meant to protect the line from future storms like Hurricane Sandy.

The A train is once again running to the eastern end of the peninsula, making for an easier ride for passengers.

There had been no A train service from Broad Chanel to Far Roackaway to the Mott Avenue station.

All summer, beachgoers and riders have had to transfer to shuttle trains at Beach 90th Street.

The work that was done is meant to protect the critical equipment that powers the A line from flooding, which was a huge problem during Sandy. 

"It's been terrible. It added at least 20 or 30 minutes to my commute, and I was a little bit late for work every day, and it just made it a lot more stressful. Another train, another wait," said one commuter.

"I'm really happy. I'm happy to see it coming back the normal schedule. So once you get either, or Beach 25th, where we are, it's smooth sailing," said another.

The entire Rockaway peninsula was cut off from the A train for about seven months after Sandy back in 2012.