Subways delays in the city substantially increased in March compared to the same time last year, with thousands of more delays for weekday and weekend riders.

Weekday and weekend subway delays

The MTA said there were 60,446 train delays for weekday riders in March, up from 57,204 weekday delays in March of 2017.

20,504 weekend subways faced delays this past month, up from 14,600 March weekend delays a year earlier.

Major incidents

Major incidents, where more than 50 trains were stopped in an hour, were up, with 84 instances. That's 28 more than the city saw in the month prior, but down from the 105 major incidents in January 2018.

The MTA said 27 of March's major incidents were due to "unfavorable weather."

Subway crime

Subway crime is on the decline, though. Major felonies were down 11.5 percent from the same period in 2017.

Average subway ridership

On average in 2017, weekday subway ridership was pegged at 5.6 million, a decrease of 1.3 percent from 2016.

Average weekend subway ridership was 5.7 million in 2017, a decrease of 1.3 percent from 2016. Average weekend ridership also decreased from 2015 to 2016.

Annual subway ridership

2017 subway ridership was 1.7 billion. It decreased 1.7 percent from 2016 to 2017. Since 1996, annual subway ridership has increased 55.6 percent.

Bus ridership

Bus ridership was down 5.6 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year. Since 2002, bus ridership has declined 20.2 percent.

Subway fires

There were 977 subway fires from March 2017 to February 2018. From March 2016 to February 2017, there were 952, while subways saw 1,022 fires from March 2015 to February 2016.