The MTA is rolling out alternatives for next year's L train shutdown, but some New Yorkers have another idea in mind.

A recent post on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter is raising money for a temporary bridge over the East River.

It's being pitched to the agency by a group of engineers and real estate agents.

The pontoon bridge would be held up by 37 barges, allowing travelers to get between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Organizers say it would also include a drawbridge, allowing ferries and boats to continue along their routes.

The plan, dubbed the "L-ternative," would still need approval from the MTA and U.S. Coast Guard.

Starting in April 2019, L train service will be suspended between Eighth Avenue and 14th Street in Manhattan and Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. 

Crews will be repairing damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

It's expected to last 15 months.