Despite wind chills below 0 degrees in the city Saturday, some New Yorkers are braving the cold to dig out in the wake of Thursday's snowstorm, including the MTA.

Employees at rail yards typical provide maintenance to the subway tracks, but, in an effort to keep the trains running amid snow that has not yet melted, they are using shovels and brooms to clear tracks of snow Saturday.

The employees have worked to make sure the third rail is clear, signals are operating, and that tracks are not freezing over. If they did not, the MTA said, trains would not be able to move.

Employees at the Coney Island Rail Yard have specifically worked on the switches for the F and D lines, which originate from the yard.

Transit officials said that until temperatures warm up in the city and the snow melts, they will continue to work on tracks, in part, because the wind can blow the snow on to the tracks.