NEW YORK - Subway passengers were trapped without lights or air conditioning for nearly an hour on the F train Monday night.

The southbound train was stuck in a tunnel just north of Broadway-Lafayette around 6:30 p.m.

Riders say the lights and air conditioning went out, creating sweltering and dark conditions with no information from the MTA for an extended period of time.

The MTA tweeted about a train with mechanical problems at the stop shortly before 7 p.m.

Several passengers took to social media to document the ordeal.

Facebook user Michael Scariaffo, who was on the train, said in a Facebook post that many riders dealt with claustrophobia, panic and heat exhaustion while the train was stuck.

Eventually, a second train arrived to push the disabled train into the station, where panicked passengers tried to pry subway doors open with their hands.

After another 10 minutes of waiting at the platform, doors finally opened to let people exit safely.

The MTA says the incident is under investigation.