A major renovation of the elevated M line begins Saturday in Brooklyn and Queens, forcing scores of residents and some businesses to relocate for months.

For at least the next 10 months, a block in Brooklyn will be without many of its residents.

"That's just going to be insane, not having a whole group of people there," said one person in the area. "You see the same people every single day like walking their dogs and stuff."

The block's noisy next-door neighbor, the M train, won't be around either.

The MTA on Saturday starts an urgent rebuilding of the crumbling elevated structure from Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village, Queens to Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The agency paid to relocate 70 people on the block, residents living within feet of the curving Myrtle Viaduct, built in 1913.

"It's terribly unfortunate for the people that had to move out of their homes," said one person in the area.

Three businesses, including the Harvest Cyclery, also left on Friday.

"Getting it all out and closing her up temporarily," said Jarad Needham, manager of Harvest Cyclery.

At Baby Skip's coffee shop, workers gave away food and drinks.

"The fact of the matter is that the MTA is scrambling to fix things that should have been fixed progressively over years rather than shutting everything in one neighborhood down and doing mass construction," said one person at Baby Skip's.

The MTA won't say how much it spent on all the relocations. 

"It was a lengthy process to negotiate. But in the end, I think that all the parties are happy with the outcome," said Ken Belkin, an attorney for displaced businesses.

Documents show it paid $1.3 million to buy one of the homes here.  

The MTA is acting now because it wants the work completed before the western end of the L line shuts in 2019 for repairs. That shutdown is expected to add riders to the M train.  

"The M train shutting down and then the L shutting down and all those L train people coming over to our train is just going to make life difficult," said one person at Baby Skip's.

For the next two months, M trains will not run between the Metropolitan and Myrtle Avenue stops. Then, starting in September, shuttle trains will run between the Metropolitan Avenue and Myrtle-Wyckoff stops.

Here in front of Little Mo's and Baby Skip's, the hope among customers and crews is that they'll be back come September.

Though they'll be waiting on full M service a little longer.