Look out, straphangers — the MTA's fare hikes for subways, buses and rail lines are officially in effect.

A single MetroCard ride is still $2.75, but weekly and monthly cards now cost more.

Seven-day passes are up a dollar to $32.

Monthly cards jump $4.50 to $121.

And for every $5.50 or more you put on a MetroCard, you'll now get a 5% bonus, instead of an 11% one.

That means you have to ride 20 times before you get one for free.

Tickets for Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road trains are also going up by 4%.

Riders we spoke with were predictably frustrated.

"Why? Like everything's the same, what is the money going to? There's still delays. I don't know why," said one.

"Most of the times the train is always delayed, you're always late for work," said another. "That's crazy."

The MTA says New Yorkers can expect another fare hike in about two years.