As commuters head into the Monday morning rush, we're learning more about the moments leading up to last week's New Jersey Transit train crash at the Hoboken Terminal.

Federal investigators say the train's engineer Thomas Gallagher told them he approached the station at 10 miles per hour last Thursday morning.

Gallagher told investigators he doesn't remember the crash, but claims he was fully-rested and completed pre-departure checks earlier in the morning.

The train barreled into the platform, killing 34-year-old Fabiola Bittar de Kroon and injuring more than 100 others.

Officials say Gallagher told them everything was going smoothly before the crash.

"As he approached the end of the station platform he said that he blew the horn, he checked his speedometer and started ringing the bell," said National Transportation Safety Board Vice President Bella Dinh-Zarr. "He said he looked at his watch and noticed his train was about six minutes late arriving at Hoboken. He said that when he checked the speedometer he was operating at 10 miles per hour when entering the station track."

NTSB investigators say they've recovered one of two event data recorders from the train, but it wasn't working during the trip.

They have not yet been able to recover the second one at the front of the train.

NJ Transit service in and out of Hoboken remains suspended indefinitely.