The construction company in charge of work on the Second Avenue Subway held a special celebration for the often-inconvenienced Upper East Siders.

Officials handed out free Good Humor ice cream to thank residents who have had to deal with work on the new subway line.

They also celebrated the end of street level construction that stretched from 90th Street to 105th Street.

Portions of the road and sidewalks were closed during months of work, and the construction dramatically reduced foot traffic for many stores.

Those we spoke with said the treats were a welcome surprise.

"It seems like everyone is having a good time," said one. "It's hot, they've got ice cream for the kids, they're making some balloons on this side. It's a nice event."

"We see the old Good Humor ice cream truck, reminds me of my own childhood, as a matter of fact," said another. "The kids are loving it, right here. It's a really nice gesture."

Sources tell us the MTA recently tested power on the third rail, marking a new milestone in the project.

Transit officials hope to have the long-delayed line up and running by the end of year.