State Senator Jose Peralta and Assemblymember Alicia Hyndman introduced legislation Thursday that would give drivers of non-commercial vehicles insurance discounts if they install and operate a dashboard camera.

They say it is part of an effort to promote greater safety for drivers and pedestrians.

In a statement, Senator Peralta said that devices capturing road footage can provide visual evidence and protection for drivers and pedestrians in case of accidents.

“We must ensure that we use available technologies to promote safety,” Peralta said. “With a dashboard camera installed in your car, you can provide footage in case of hit-and-runs and accidents. You can also fight a ticket, and you can even capture footage of unrelated events as you drive.”

If the proposed bill becomes law, New York would be the first U.S. state to require car insurance premium reduction for vehicles that have an operating dashboard camera.

Assemblymember Hyndman says New Yorkers typically pay higher-than-average car insurance rates, and any discounts would be welcome.

The legislation is currently in committee, being discussed before being sent to the floor calendar and taken up for a vote by the State Senate and Assembly.