It was a scene witnesses won't soon forget. 

"Obviously he's traumatized and obviously he's going to deal with this for a long time," said John Flynn, (D) Erie County district attorney.

Flynn’s talking about John Schafer, a man who was shot in the shoulder after calling the police when Travis Green allegedly harassed customers at the Dollar General on Union Road November 14.

Authorities say Green asked for a job application and when he was told he had to fill out the forms online, he became irate. After yelling at the cashier, kicking over a display and confronting a woman in the parking lot, authorities say Green punched Schafer in the face and then walked to a vehicle in the parking lot to collect an AR-15-style rifle and fired multiple rounds at the store.

Schafer ended up getting trapped between the two sets of glass doors at the store.

"There were numerous, well over 20 rounds, fired at the wall, in the glass of the vestibule, at the gentleman," said Flynn.

He ran away and was later caught and arrested by Cheektowaga police, with some help from nearby store owners. 

Green pleaded not guilty Wednesday to second-degree attempted murder, first-degree attempted assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

"We tweaked some of the charges a little bit to reflect the serious nature of the offenses," said Flynn.

Paul Dell, the defense attorney, said, "The defense's position is that any criminal conduct was reckless as opposed to any intentional act."

The prosecution says one of the guns used was modified and not in compliance with the SAFE Act.

"That's a recent development and I haven't had a chance to look into that yet, as far as the lab reports. But they were both purchased legally from the Harlem Gun Center," said Dell.

A number of Green's family members were in court for the proceedings. While they did not speak with Spectrum News, Green's mother was escorted out of the courtroom after interrupting the proceedings, saying "Never get married again, Travis."

"There were a lot of issues going on in his life. He was clearly distraught," said Dell.

Flynn said, "That doesn't excuse his conduct at all. A lot of people's marriages are on the rocks. You don't engage in the kind of behavior where you put numerous people in jeopardy."

The defense attorney says he is seeking a mental health evaluation. He says Green does not have a criminal record.

Green has been remanded without bail and is due back in court in March. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of five to 25 years in prison.