Gloversville Mayor Dayton King is inviting his opponents to petition for his removal from office after he was arrested for official misconduct.

“I'm not going to resign. No matter if I get a petition of 1,488 people. I'm not going to resign,” he said during a town council meeting Tuesday. “You can send it to the governor. You can send it to the Congresswoman."

King was charged with misconduct, a class A misdemeanor, after he allegedly used his position as mayor to access personnel files of his opponent, Bill Rowback.

People for and against King keeping his position spoke up during the meeting Tuesday.

Rowback spoke up as well.

“If this information would’ve came out earlier, the results would’ve been different,” Rowback said. “I would’ve been mayor of Gloversville.”

King is due back in the Town of Johnstown Court December 20 on those charges.  He was arrested last Friday. It is alleged King used the information during a debate on a local radio station during the election against Rowback, a city firefighter.

Rowback said he filed a complaint after the debate. King, in a Facebook video, said Rowback pressured him to release confidential information and believes the case “will resolve in a favorable manner.”