It’s a store full of bright ideas, yet just a handful of years ago, this store couldn’t have existed.  Many of the products inside were likely stuck inside their creator’s brains, odds stacked against them from ever being manufactured and going on sale. But then came along crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, where even individuals with an idea could get people to donate small amounts of money, investments, to get those ideas off the ground.

Circling back to this store, it’s an As Seen On Kickstarter store, a pop-up in the Big Apple that features only products that’ve successfully made it out of Kickstarter. The store is a physical manifestation of, which sells only crowdfunded products.

“It’s original items, it’s not low-end for sure,” says Chris Johnson of “A lot of people put thought into it, their design and concept, and we have a couple in here that have raised over $1 million on Kickstarter."

And some young entrepreneurs who just three or four years ago could’ve never imagined that the ideas percolating in their brains would actually come to fruition now say all of this just blows their minds.

They’re thankful to Johnson for seizing on this idea, yet wonder why there aren’t loads of others also trying to work with the crowdfunded community.

“Nobody else has done something like this to promote all these products that come out because of Kickstarter, and he’s singlehandedly just put together this store and helping all of these young, new entrepreneurs like me be able to have a brick and mortar store,” says Nathalie De Clercq of Wiplabs Designs. “This is for me the first time that my products are in a brick and mortar store and that's very exciting, and for a lot of people I believe that these products are here."

In addition, since these are products that are brand new and have not necessarily caught the eye of big retailers, there are some that are only on sale here or through the website.