The last few weeks have proven your clothing is about to do more than simply keep the sun off your back or show off your fashion sense. Two new high tech articles of clothing officially launched.

The first, Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech shirt - a shirt that joins the growing number that have sensors weaved throughout to give you all sorts of workout data.

“This is a shirt that measures your biorhythms, your heartbeat, your breathing, your steps, your calories, your stress levels but it’s close to your heart because it has fibers running through your shirt so it’s the most accurate reading you can get," says David Lauren of Ralph Lauren.

The PoloTech shirt, out now for about $300, comes with its own app and in that app. Workouts are tailored specifically to you, ramped up or toned down based on what the shirt is sensing.

Now, shifting from clothing that helps you monitor how much exercise you are getting to clothing that actually helps you get more fit the moment you put it on.

RXActive is a line of fitness wear developed by NYU medical students and Olympic silver medalist in fencing, Keeth Smart.  They are compression shorts or pants that have resistance bands built into them so that any workout you do that involves your legs, or even just walking around during your everyday, burns more calories.

 “They’re all placed specifically around key muscle groups associated with your hamstrings and quadriceps so it limits the movement of your legs when you move forward as well as moving backwards so it’s similar to the effect of running under water,” explains Keeth Smart of RXActive. “Your hamstrings and quadriceps are being activated 23 percent more than regular clothing. As a result, you burn 14 percent more calories.”

RXActive shorts and leggings are available for pre-order now via Indiegogo for $90, they’ll ship around Thanksgiving.