Technologies that help improve your beverages to those that make you a more expressive musician. In this Tech Talk, Adam Balkin has a wrap up of the recent Consumer Electronics Week.

This is my coffee.  How do I know it is mine? Well, I’m pretty sure that the one with my face on it belongs to me. It comes courtesy of the Ripple Maker.

 “We take these tiny drops of coffee and we spray them on top of, on top of the foam,” says Yossi Meshulam of Steam CC. “From a technology standpoint, it’s a mix of 3D printing technology - all of the mechanics that you see with regular 3D printing technologies and inkjet technologies."

The Ripple Maker was just one of several cutting edge devices trying to carve out a new electronics niche during the recent Consumer Electronics or CE Week in the Big Apple.  And while there were several more mainstream devices on display, for now, we’re going to stick with some of the wilder ideas. And actually, sticking specifically with tech transforming beverages, this is Fizzics. Developers say it takes any can or bottle of beer and makes it taste better by making it taste more like a draft beer.

“You would place the whole entire can or bottle into the canister.  When you pull the handle forward, we pressurize the canister and there’s a digital micro controller that’s monitoring the rate of flow to maintain as much carbonation in the body of the bee,” says Philip Petracca of Fizzics Group. “We’ve perfected the texture, stability, and density of the foam."

There are even new instruments. The Roli Seaboard is laid out like a keyboard, though developers say it most certainly is not one.

“A lot of times on a traditional piano or keyboard it’s kind of an on and off experience,” says Gregg Stein of Roli. “This allows you to get an expression out of the keyboard by getting a pitch bend, even a vibrato where you shake your hand and you actually get the expression back."

Through software that comes with it, you make the Seaboard sound like any instrument you’d like, even customize or create your own.