On the November 5, 2016 episode of The New York Times Close Up, hosted by Sam Roberts:

  • On Tuesday, The New York Times launched The Daily 360, a first-of-its-kind visual digital journalism project that will deliver at least one 360-degree video every day, enabling viewers to literally see the news from all angles. Times Associate Editor Sam Dolnick, who is in charge of the series, shows us the latest edition.
  • From the latest technological tools journalists, we look to "The Front Page," that classic play written in 1928 by two refugees from the news business, Ben Hecht and Charles MacArhur. The actor John Slattery, who plays Hildy Johnson, and veteran newsman Clyde Haberman, share war stories, real and imagined.
  • We meet Juan Echevarria, who spent 14 years behind bars. He is now an ambitious college student, and he's the subject of Kyle Spencer's article in this Sunday's edition of Education Life.
  • And the Times Reporters Roundtable - Contributing Writer Clyde Haberman, Editorial Board Contributing Writer Eleanor Randolph, Deputy Politics Editor Gerry Mullany and Albany Bureau Reporter Vivian Yee - discuss the week's lead stories.