On the February 6 edition of The New York Times Close Up, Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown professor and New York Times Op-Ed contributor, discusses his latest book, "The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America," which is reviewed in this Sunday's Times Book Review Section.

Carl Weisbrod, chairman of the City Planning Commission, tells us about an approved plan that will mean mandatory inclusionary housing and pathways for new neighborhoods with affordable apartments.

Political Scientist Andrew Hacker talks about his latest book, "The Math Myth: and Other STEM Delusions," which presents the argument that not everyone needs algebra and calculus or geometry to be considered an educated human being.

Metro Reporters James McKinley Jr. and Rick Rojas met up with Jeremy Keenan, the name he goes by now after a life of duplicity. His latest home is Rikers.   

And the New York Times reporters roundtable convenes.