For Ngawang Chime, volunteering with a children's summer camp has been a way to step out of her comfort zone and help others who may be struggling to do the same.

"Sometimes I see myself in the kids, like on the first day of the camp when I went to the lunch I saw some kids being alone and like not knowing kids and then like I remembered like my first day of college when like I was so new and like I was all alone," Chime explains.

Now Chime spends her time helping the youth at Sunnyside Community Services' SONYC summer camp.

The 19-year-old college student is spending her summer break helping with office duties, chaperoning day trips, and teaching a variety of classes to children.

"I wanna like impact the community, like help them. Even like just a little bit. Like it makes a big difference helping just a little bit," Chime says.

Sunnyside Community Services offers free programs – not just for children but seniors, and the homebound.

Chime says she's gained just as much from her volunteering experience as she's given back.

"You meet new different people and you'll also know yourselves better from doing something and other service than just staying home and doing something and you also learn so much from doing volunteer work," Chime says.

And so, for taking time out of her summer to make the lives of children a little brighter, Ngawang Chime is our Queens Person of the Week.