More than a dozen people, including firefighters, were injured Friday morning when a fire tore through an apartment building in Brooklyn, FDNY officials said.

The blaze began just before 5:45 a.m. inside a deli on the first floor of an apartment building on Union Avenue, near Meeker Avenue, in Williamsburg.

Authorities said the fire quickly rose to five alarms just after 7 a.m., with 44 FDNY units and more than 190 firefighters called to the scene.

A total of 14 people, including 11 firefighters, were injured, officials said. Seven firefighters required transportation to various area hospitals.

FDNY Battalion Chief Christopher Gaby told NY1 that none of the injuries were serious.

Gaby added that three civilians were removed from the building and treated at the scene. Fire officials said that they all refused transportation to a hospital.

The fire was brought under control just before 8 a.m., authorities said. All floors of the building and a neighboring structure were impacted by the fire.

The Red Cross was on the scene Friday morning to register affected residents for emergency assistance.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, however Gaby did say that the fire involved structural components of the building and had been "smoldering overnight" before increasing during the early morning hours.