A former donor to Mayor Bill de Blasio has been found guilty on five of six counts in connection with an NYPD bribery case, but a former police commander implicated in the case has been acquitted.

Jeremy Reichberg was convicted on bribery and conspiracy charges Wednesday. Former Deputy Inspector James Grant, who was also facing time on bribery and corruption charges, was found not guilty.

Reichberg, along with his friend Jona Rechnitz, was accused of bribing NYPD officers, lavishing them with gifts in exchange for ticket fixing, illegally obtained gun permits, and VIP treatment such as parking privileges at police headquarters.

"These illegal acts clearly undermine the mission of the NYPD and leave the citizens of New York City poorer, and Reichberg's subsequent attempt to hide evidence of his scheme from law enforcement cannot be tolerated," the U.S. Attorney's Office said in a statement.

Rechnitz ended up cooperating in the investigation. He took the stand in the trial as a government witness.

During testimony, Rechnitz said his money bought him access to the mayor. De Blasio was not implicated in the case, and dismissed Rechnitz as a liar. The mayor has distanced himself from Reichberg and Rechnitz since they were charged and claimed he had a limited relationship with the men, and on Wednesday said he tuned the case out because it had nothing to do with him.