New York's Finest are telling their own story in a new picture book. 

It's called "NYPD: Behind the Scenes with the Men and Women of the New York City Police Department."

The book is full of pictures taken over the last two years of some the force's 36,000 officers in action, pictures that show officers bonding with community members, chasing suspects, and pictures that show the heartbreak when a colleague is killed in the line of duty. 

The New York City Police Foundation, which raises money for the NYPD's special iniatives, provided the funding.

"Just a little inside scoop on what officers do aside from just going out there and fighting crime," said Franklin Diaz of the NYPD. "We also do a lot of other stuff. We volunteer for little league, we have baseball programs, PALs. A lot of stuff or the community to bridge the gap with the community and the officers. 

"Wonderful tribute, I think, to all the New York City police officers, past, present and the future," said Sergeant John Moynihan of the NYPD.

You can find out more about the book at