A City Council hearing Wednesday is considering changes to the system New Yorkers are using to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Critics of the current online appointment booking setup say it's too complicated and caters to those who are tech savvy.

Manhattan City Councilman Mark Levine is among those pushing for changes.

He says the city needs to go beyond online booking to get the vaccine to more New Yorkers.

"There are many New Yorkers who aren't online, who aren't on Twitter, who might not even have a computer,” Levine told NY1. “We need to go to them, on the ground, in their neighborhoods. We should have teams going door-to-door, scheduling people on the spot. Actually, I would go even further: We should be able to deliver the vaccine door-to-door, to the thousands of people that are homebound,” Levine said.

The mayor's office responded to Levine's comments by saying door-to-door booking outreach is already taking place in public housing complexes and for appointments at Yankee Stadium, with plans to expand soon.

The city has said door-to-door delivery of the vaccine isn't possible, though Levine points out it is being done in other cities.