NEW YORK — An investigation is underway after a Confederate flag was placed at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan.

"It's terribly painful for anybody — all people of good will, not just Jews — to see a symbol of hate in general, and of course a symbol of hate being placed on a building that really symbolizes what hate can lead to," said Scott Richman, director of the Anti-Defamation League of New York/New Jersey.

Officials with the museum, which memorializes those who died in the Holocaust, confirmed Friday that the flag was tied to the front door of the museum overnight.

An NYPD spokesperson called it an "atrocious act," and said the department was investigating. Gov. Andrew Cuomo also directed the state's police's hate crimes task force to help with the investigation.

This comes after many hateful symbols were seen during Wednesday's riots in D.C., and some pro-Trump supporters carried Confederate flags into the Capitol.

Local advocates point out that the flag was placed at the museum as extremism is on the rise, and say people should keep their eyes open.

"We all need to be on high alert," said Lecia Brooks, the chief of staff for the Southern Poverty Law Center. "White nationalists' kind of play book is based on an anti-Semitic history. So they're intrinsically connected. And just as white nationalists are anti-Black, they're also anti-Jewish."

The Museums CEO denounced the act as well. And Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted about the incident, saying he has zero tolerance for acts of fascism or bigotry, saying there will be consequences for those responsible.


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