After five years of demanding accountability for her son's death, Gwen Carr sent strong message to NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, keeping the focus on her family's loss:

"Pantaleo, you may have lost your job, but I lost a son," she said at a rally in Manhattan on Monday afternoon. "You cannot replace that. You can get another job, maybe at Burger King, okay?"

Carr joined supporters from the Arc of Justice outside police headquarters in Manhattan, applauding the commissioner's decision to fire Pantaleo for using a prohibited chokehold that led to Eric Garner's death.

But Carr says the other officers on the scene that day are just as culpable.

"They all need to lose their jobs," she said. New York is not safe with officers out here like that."

"All of the officers, all of those who are responsible, must be held to account, Commissioner O'Neill," said Reverend Kirsten Foy, of the ARC of Justice advocacy group.

Supporters like Public Advocate Jumaane Williams took issue with the timing.

"I do want to credit the commissioner. It did take courage to do it," he said. "At the same time, it should have been done five years ago. It would been less difficult and we would have been past it."s

A makeshift memorial in Tompkinsville, Staten Island, still marks the location of Garner's deadly encounter with police in 2014. In the neighborhood, some said Pantaleo's firing was better late than never.

"I think it was a step in the right direction," one man said. "I'm sure it's not going to heal, but I'm sure it will ease a lot of tension, especially here in this neighborhood."

Others aren't so sure if the breach opened here can be healed. "There's no such a thing as a good cop," some demonstrators chanted in the evening.

The small group of protestors said the trust between the police and the community has been irreparably broken.

"If it was not for Ramsey Orta filming this incident, Eric Garner would be a dead black man on the street that nobody would care about," said Shannon Jones, of the advocacy group Bronxites for NYPD Accountability.

Carr and supporters also called on the Staten Island district attorney to reconvene a grand jury to explore criminal charges against Pantaleo.


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