Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fundraising into his third term has not slowed down.

Cuomo’s campaign on Monday evening reported raising $4.5 million in the first six months of 2019. His campaign, which began the year with $4.7 million in the bank, now has $8.4 million in cash on hand.

Cuomo is considered a prodigious fundraiser, and has held events big and small throughout the first half of the year, including fundraisers at Yankees games, with the actor Robert DeNiro and small-dollar donor events as well.

Cuomo’s campaign over the last year has placed more emphasis than in the past on small-dollar donations, and in the current reporting period the campaign said half of its donations were from contributors who gave $250 or less.

The governor spent heavily compared to his challengers last year, Democratic primary rival Cynthia Nixon and Republican opponent Marc Molinaro, saturating the airwaves and social media sites with ads in spending they would never be able to match.

Cuomo has indicated he will seek a fourth term in 2022.