Residents of the Fulton Houses in Manhattan are getting visitors.

Employees of the New York City Housing Authority are fanning out across this Manhattan apartment complex to try to tell residents about their new plans. 

In an attempt to raise much-needed cash, the Housing Authority is considering tearing down two low-rise buildings in this development and replacing them with mixed-income buildings. Officials want to build another mixed-income building on this parking lot. They say no residents will be displaced.

It's Leroy Williams' job to try to sell the idea.

"This won't happen for years to come anyway," Williams told residents this week.

He's going from resident to resident to do it. 

"As NYCHA, we have to come to you and say, 'We want to discuss a plan. We want to know what your thoughts are. We have to come with something, right?'" he said.

NYCHA officials tell us it's part of a new approach they are now trying: increasing engagement with the residents.

In the past, the de Blasio administration targeted a number of developments for new construction of market-rate and affordable housing, trying to raise revenue for the struggling agency. Many times, they were met with community opposition.

NYCHA's top official told us those projects are now being re-evaluated.

"We are looking and re-evaluating all of our projects to make sure they are driving the most amount of income into the host development so we can make sure those residents are getting repairs done," Interim Chair Kathryn Garcia told NY1. "But the first conversations we are going to have is going to be with the residents."