Mayor de Blasio is in Iowa, testing the waters for a potential presidential run and touting what he calls his progressive agenda.

The Iowa Caucuses are the first major contest of the presidential election season.

While de Blasio hasn't officially declared his candidacy for 2020, he continues to say he's not ruling it out.

Today, he was in Des Moines, where he met with former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack at a local diner.

Vilsack says he's sitting down with all of the potential candidates and that the executive experience de Blasio has from running the biggest city in the country definitely makes him stand out.

"As you see, this is a year where a whole variety of people are running, representing different viewpoints, different backgrounds, different experience,” said de Blasio said. “One thing I think is clear to me: we're going to have a progressive as the nominee of the Democratic Party. I think it's important also that we look at people's experiences and what they've done that backs up that progressive vision, that makes that progressive vision real and I'm proud of what we've done in New York City."

What New Yorkers think about the mayor's possible run at the White House might matter: a recent Quinnipiac poll found they ranked the mayor last among local politicians who would make a good president.