Mayor de Blasio is no stranger to Iowa, campaigning there for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and returning in December 2017.

This weekend he will head there again, with his own ambitions in mind, as he mulls a run for President in 2020.

But while the mayor seems to think running for the nation's highest office is a very real possibility, many of his fellow New York politicians disagree.

At NY1's debate for public advocate on Thursday night, the candidates, all Democrats, were asked whether the Mayor is qualified to run for President.

"I mean, legally yes. He is over the age of 35. He is a United States citizen," activist and reporter Nomiki Konst said with a sly smile.

"The Mayor may qualify for president. I'm not sure he is qualified to run for president," added Mellissa Mark-Viverito. 

Assemblyman Ron Kim even went so far as to say he thinks de Blasio’s, “completely delusional if he thinks he is going to be President of the United States."

The Mayor responded specifically to Kim saying, "I had a lovely conversation with Ron Kim during the very same parade that Margaret mentioned. He didn't mention to me that. What did he say?"

"He said you're delusional," one reporter said.

"Yeah, he should have said that at the parade. When you're next to someone, there is a great chance to tell them they are delusional. He hugged me."

The Mayor went on to say that he would be his own counsel on this issue.

De Blasio has kept the question alive about his candidacy by courting attention from the national media, along with planning trips to early primary states, including one to New Hampshire, which was cancelled last week after the shooting death of an NYPD detective.

"I will be traveling around the country to talk about what I think is the vision for the future of this country that we need to focus on and to talk about the specific successes here in New York and examples here in New York that could be helpful as part of this national discussion," the mayor said.

While the mayor doesn't have to make a decision right away whether to run for President, many candidates have already jumped into the race, and with the first primary now ten months away, critical decisions about fundraising and travel will need to be made in the next few weeks and months.