Enthusiasm and excitement are only two of the words to describe what Max Rose is feeling.

"I'm itching. Ready to go, ready to get to work," he said. "We just can't wait to put into motion, put into effect so many of the things that we spoke about for more than a year on the campaign trail."

Rose understands the momentous implications of the election night he had not too long ago.

He joins the ranks of only a few Democrats who were able to win over the people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn. Now, he says he's preparing to deliver.

"This is the funny thing about politics. What are we, an Etch-a-Sketch? Rhymes and repeats? We spoke about, on the campaign trail, cleaning up corruption, doing something about infrastructure, doing something about the opioid epidemic, gun violence. No shocker! That's what I'm about to work on in DC," Rose said.

Orientation to the new office, Rose says, is moving along, with staff picks, committee assignments, and even office furniture among the items on the to-do list. But he says there is one bit of unfinished business that remains a priority — and it’s personal.

"One campaign promise I made is, I'm going to take my wife on a honeymoon," Rose said. "And I'm honoring that promise, alright?"