Friday is a big day that isn't on the radar for most New Yorkers: The deadline to register to vote in the November elections. If you're already registered to vote, then you don't have to register again for the upcoming elections. But if someone doesn't file the appropriate paperwork with the Board of Elections by that day, they will be unable to cast their ballot on Tuesday, November 6 and will miss out on making their voice heard in the races for governor, state Senate, Congress, and more.

If you know someone who's procrastinating or simply isn't motivated to register to vote, here are some ways you can drive the point home:

Text people reminders after they get out of work. And then keep texting them.

No one wants to try and register to vote before work or on their lunch break, but they have fewer excuses after work. So find the right time to shoot your friends and family a reminder when they usually have some extended downtime. Maybe text them the link so they can download the application, too.

Remind your friends and family on social media

If you're dealing with someone who doesn't frequently respond to texts, here's an alternative: Reach out to them on social media. That's the place where most people consume their political news, anyways. Here's an easy way to do that: Invite them to our Facebook event to get them to register.​

Bring it up at the dinner table. Seriously.

A lot of people now dread hearing a relative or friend argue about national politics at the dinner table. But you can actually get most, if not all, of the people at the table to talk about registering to vote, even if you disagree with someone politically. It's one of those few issues with bipartisan support. Seriously.

Add the voting deadline to someone's calendar or to-do list

Plenty of people procrastinate their civic duty, so you may just need to work your voting registration pitch into someone's everyday workflow. If you must, set goals and deadlines for each day the rest of this week so someone progressively gets closer to submitting that application before Friday.

Bring up the deadline when you're stuck on the train

The next time your buddy rants about getting stuck on the 1 train without air, remind them they have a way to try and get the trains moving: Voting. In a time of helplessness about the state of New York City transit, there might not be a better way for someone to focus their rage than by making sure they can vote. Plus, the application may distract your friend while they're sweating it out on the train.

Make your pitch when they're consuming news

The next time you swap news stories with someone over the phone, break it up for a moment with the registration link. Someone who shares the news with other New Yorkers surely cares about the issues and should be especially motivated to make sure they're registered. And definitely make that voting pitch when they are reading or watching news about national politics; more people will be moved to do their civic duty if they see it may have an impact beyond New York.