The New York Times on Tuesday endorsed Gov. Andrew Cuomo for a third term over Democratic challenger Cynthia Nixon.


The Times editorial board was critical of Cuomo for failing to deliver on a number of promises, but also said he has been very effective as a governor.

In part, the editorial board wrote, "When Mr. Cuomo is focused on governing, no New York politician in memory has been as effective. Because of his leadership, New York has passed one of the toughest gun control measures in the country, legalized same-sex marriage, raised the minimum wage to $15 per hour and enacted paid family leave."

Cuomo is being challenged by Nixon, an actress and activist, who has criticized him for issues with the subway and corruption.

Speaking on Nixon, the Times said, "Ms. Nixon's lack of experience in government or management of any sort do not inspire confidence that she could overcome the old guard in Albany to fulfill her promises and run the state. Her campaign has, at times, boiled down to a largely negative message — that she is not Andrew Cuomo — and while that can indeed seem an appealing truth, it is not, in the end, enough."


Meanwhile, the governor on Thursday met with Jewish leaders and reportedly told them he would not interfere with Orthodox yeshivas. Those schools are under investigation for possibly flouting state education standards.

NY1 asked Cuomo on Tuesday whether he made that promise. He said he told them something like this:

"It's under the jurisdiction and the purview of the state education department. Contrary to what it may sound like, the governor does not run the state education department," Cuomo said. "The state education department runs the education law, enforces the education law."