Unlike his Democratic primary four years, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reaching into his deep campaign war chest to try to fend off a challenge from Cynthia Nixon. In just the last month, according to the latest campaign filings, Cuomo spent nearly $7.5 million, mostly on TV ads. That takes his total cash on hand down to a little more than $24 million. Last month it was close to $31 million.

By comparison, Nixon spent just over $606,000 during the same period, and has not had any TV ads running in major markets. She is left with about $441,000.

While that is a fraction of Cuomo's total, Nixon's team points out that she has received 43,000 contributions from individual donors, a record for a New York state gubernatorial candidate.


Cuomo was upstate Tuesday touring flood damage. Nixon, meanwhile, spent a short period of time greeting voters at a subway stop on the Upper West Side. Nixon and Cuomo have both agreed to debate on WCBS-TV on August 29, but Nixon says all the negotiations for the terms and parameters of that debate were conducted between the Cuomo campaign and the station, leaving her team out.

"Unfortunately, all of the terms of the debate have already been settled and CBS was very frank with us that they didn't really have a choice; that these were his demands and if they were not acceded to, he wouldn't show up," Nixon said.


On Monday night, President Trump also took some swings at the governor, telling an audience in Utica that Cuomo, in a private conversation, vowed not to challenge him in 2020.

"He called me and he said, 'I will never run for President against you.' But maybe he wants to. Oh, please do it. Please," Trump said. "The one thing we know and they do say: Anyone who runs against Trump suffers."

Cuomo was asked Tuesday about that conversation with Trump, and he didn't explicitly deny it, claiming he and Trump have not discussed politics. But a spokesperson for the governor later said Cuomo never made that assurance to the president.