Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Democratic primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon, on Monday agreed to debate on August 29 on WCBS-TV. Nixon initially did not agree to the terms, which include both candidates remaining seated onstage at Hofstra University.

The Nixon campaign has already agreed to two other debates, one on NY1 and the other on WABC-TV.

If Cuomo does not agree to the NY1 debate, "Inside City Hall" will have Nixon on for the full hour on August 22.

Interestingly, Cuomo is agreeing to debate Nixon on August 29, the same day the two candidates for lieutenant governor are squaring off earlier in the day on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

"We are covering this entire state, and it's a lot of geographic area to cover, I'm constantly out there," Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul said. "But I welcome the opportunity to debate."

But Brooklyn City Councilman Jumaane Williams, the challenger, expressed disappointment at the terms, especially since Manhattan Neighborhood Network is seen only in Manhattan.

"I was really hoping that the lieutenant governor would stick to her word and do a debate on NY1, where it goes through many counties," Williams said. "And of course this debate is scheduled for 10 a.m. when a lot of people might not see it. It just seems that she is trying to do the one where the least amount of people would actually see the content."

Fink: Would you come on "Inside City Hall" even if he didn't?

Hochul: I will continue to debate wherever I can and we will make as much as we can work out.

Hochul has repeatedly called on Williams to release his tax returns, and Williams has said he will if and when Hochul agrees to debate him. Now that a date has been set, Williams says he will release five years-worth of tax returns by the end of this week.