A rally to reduce property taxes was apparently the place to be seen on Staten Island on Saturday.

Technically, Dan Donovan got there first.

His opponent in next week's GOP congressional primary appeared quickly after.

Rarely are the two seen at the same event in front of the media, a product of the race becoming so nasty.

That didn't change Saturday.

"He goes everywhere. Even when he's not invited," said Donovan, the current congressman for the 11th congressional district in New York.

"The real question is why is he here? Because it's a photo op, which is all he really does," said Grimm, who held the position before him.

Two worked the crowd just feet away from each other, avoiding crossing paths.

A large truck with a photo of the president and Dan Donovan circled the parking lot.

When asked, both candidates directed insults at the other to our camera.

"It's a great way for the congressman actually show up, because we've seen that billboard a lot more than we've seen him in the last three years," Grimm said.

Gross: Grimm had said this is a photo op for you, you've been missing for the past three years, and that you don't care about property taxes?

Donovan: He's a confessed liar. I don't listen to anything he has to say.

The event was hosted by a local assemblywoman, Nicole Malliotakis, who has endorsed Donovan in the primary.

In fact, Dan Donovan has secured all of the establishment and institutional support in the race. He was endorsed by the firefighters' and fire officers' union that morning.


Still, both candidates appeared welcome as the rally began, the assemblywoman sandwiched between them.


"I've worked with both Michael Grimm and Dan Donovan, and it's a community event, and so I expected people to turn out," said Malliotakis, a Republican who represents Brooklyn and Staten Island in the New York State Assembly.

After Donovan left the rally, he had six other events to attend. Grimm did not have a public schedule, but we expect that he hit the campaign trail for much of the day as well.

The primary is Tuesday for voters in the 11th congressional district in New York. That covers all of Staten Island and a portion of southern Brooklyn.