Delegates at the New York Republican convention selected their candidates for state attorney general and state comptroller Thursday.

Manhattan attorney Keith Woffard will be on the GOP ballot for AG this fall. He is the first African-American Republican nominee for the seat. 

In his acceptance speech, he focused on the need to keep state spending down. 

"Eliot Spitzer was the sheriff of Wall Street. Now, it's true they went after Wall Street. In doing so, he damaged our financial institutions in a lead-up to the great recession," Woffard said. "Next, Andrew Cuomo, when he was attorney general, declared himself the sheriff of Albany. We've all seen how that turned out, didn't we?"

Investment banker Jonathan Trichter has secured the party's nomination for state comptroller. 

Trichter, who was a longtime Democrat, changed his party affiliation this week in order to be elligible for the nomination.